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Crimped wire mesh

Detailed Product Description:

Is a square mesh by mesh cotton loom to various materials of metal wire woven mesh products with many uses.

Crimped wire mesh is divided into easy: stainless steel Crimped Wire Mesh, galvanized crimped wire mesh, ginning mesh, crimped wire mesh, pig crimped wire mesh, a knot in one's heart.

Material: iron wire, black wire, white steel wire, wire, stainless steel wire, copper and other non-ferrous metal wire.

Specification: 1 mesh -24 mesh, 1 m -5 m wide

Weaving: first after rolling series, two-way separated wave bending, bending, bending, flat lock, two-way bending one-way wave bending vibration.

Features: stable structure, strong impact resistance, abrasion resistance, low cost, long-term to maintain a uniform appearance, mesh.

Application: it can be widely used in the isolation and protection of the mine, sand stone, coal, and the construction, civil, breeding and other industries. The stainless steel Crimped Wire mesh can also be used for acid, alkali and harsh environment, such as petroleum, chemical engineering and marine industry to filter, and door, making continuous glass reinforced, various industrial basket, arts and crafts, kitchen, the refrigerator storage basket.

Cotton net specifications are not unified form, because of the material, wire diameter, pore size and the evolution of many different.

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