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Barbed wire

Detailed Product Description:

Barbed wire, we see more, the style is also divided into a variety of, the most common two kinds of ordinary barbed wire and blade barbed wire.

Ordinary barbed wire:

Galvanized barbed wire

Dip plastic rope

Stainless steel barbed wire

Blade barbed wire:

Galvanized blade barbed wire

With razor wire

Stainless steel blade barbed wire

General barbed wire rope is made from the fully automated barbed wire machine. People called, barbed wire, barbed wire barbed wire.

Raw materials: high quality low carbon steel wire. Surface treatment: galvanized, hot galvanized, plastic, plastic. Blue, green, yellow and other colors. Used in the protection of grassland boundary, railway, highway, etc..

Barbed rope is through the barbed wire machine, and then the barbed wire winding in the main thread (strands), through a variety of knitting technology of isolation protective net.

The three kinds of methods of the barbed wire.

It is the wire twisting method: two or more wire twisted double strand wire rope and then wrapped in barbed wire double stranded wire.

Anti twisting method: is the first barbed wire is wound on the main thread (that is, the single wire) after combined with a wire and twist plait twisted into double barbed wire.

Method: positive and negative twist is the main place to the barbed wire winding wire in the opposite direction screw series. Is not twisted in one direction.

The biggest use of the blade is the protection, isolation products. A sharp knife - type barbed wire buckle into the belly like a snake after installation, both beautiful and it makes people shiver all over though not cold. Played a very good deterrent effect. Important places such as the national defense, often use. Can also be used to protect the enclosure, the effect is very good.

Blade barbed wire anti-theft effect is better than the ordinary barbed wire, the price is not high, so the blade barbed wire more and more widely used.

Common type: BTO and CBT two

BTO includes BTO-18 BTO-22 BTO-28 BTO-30 BTO-10

CBT includes CBT-65 CBT-60

BTO-22 is the most common type of the country (other models can also be customized).

镀锌刺绳   镀锌刺绳

镀锌刺绳   镀锌刺绳


涂塑刺绳   涂塑刺绳

涂塑刺绳   涂塑刺绳


不锈钢刺绳   不锈钢刺绳

赛车秒秒彩 镀锌刀片刺绳

镀锌刀片刺绳   镀锌刀片刺绳

镀锌刀片刺绳   镀锌刀片刺绳


不锈钢刀片刺绳    不锈钢刀片刺绳

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